Home Warranties

About Your 10 Year NHBC Warranty

All our homes benefit from a 10-year NHBC warranty or similar. This is included in the purchase price of the property. We will give you clear information about what this covers, and about any other guarantees or warranties which apply to your new home and its fittings. What follows is a general outline of what your NHBC warranty covers:

Before the sale is legally completed, the warranty provides protection in the unlikely event that the housebuilder becomes insolvent. For the first two years after completion, the warranty states that the housebuilder must repair any defects that do not conform to NHBC standards or recommendations. Over the following eight years, the warranty provides cover against the cost (subject to the minimum claim value and exclusions and limitations shown in the policy document) of putting right any significant damage to the load-bearing structure and certain parts of the home that appears during this period. The warranty does not cover wear and tear or lack of maintenance.

You should always refer to the policy for full details and you can see a sample copy at our Sales Centre. You will receive your own copy of the NHBC warranty document through your solicitor. You should read it through carefully and ask your solicitor to explain anything you don’t understand.

Your new home will be covered by NHBC Buildmark. It is therefore very important that you familiarise yourself with Buildmark and what it covers. Your Sales Representative will give you a copy of the NHBC’s brochure “Buildmark Cover for New and Newly Converted Homes”. This provides an explanation of the NHBC and what Buildmark covers. Pages 4 and 5 of the NHBC’s booklet – “Guide to your new home” also provide an overview of Buildmark. Complete details of Buildmark will be found in the NHBC’s Buildmark booklet. Your solicitor will provide this document. Please ensure that your solicitor passes it to you. If you would like to read a specimen Buildmark Cover booklet there is a form you can use in the brochure “Buildmark Cover for New and Newly Converted Homes”. As an Elan Homes customer buying a brand new property you should pay particular attention to the differences between the first two years of cover and the cover from years three to ten. You must read the NHBC’s documentation for a full explanation.