Moving Home checklist

Moving Home Checklist

3 weeks to go

  • Get estimates from removal firms. Ask about their packing and unpacking service, if you need it, and whether they provide packing cases. Alternatively, find out about hiring a self-drive van.
  • Always make sure that the removal firm has comprehensive insurance cover against damage to or loss of your goods and confirm your requirements.
  • Check your home contents insurance policy for cover at your new address and during your move.
  • Write to your Building Society/Bank and any credit card companies, advising them of your new address and amending standing orders etc.
  • Arrange for water, electricity, gas, telephone and other accounts to be finalised. Don’t forget to register with your new service providers at your new address.
  • Book a suitably qualified electrician, gas installer and plumber, if required, to disconnect appliances at your old address and re-fit them at your new address as necessary.
  • Notify your Doctor’s and Dentist’s surgeries so that your medical records can be transferred to your new practices.
  • Confirm school transfers.
  • Start collecting suitable packing boxes, if they are not provided by the removal firm, and start packing things that you won’t need until after you have moved.
  • Create a system of identifying the packing boxes that will be opened first (by numbering or colour-coding) and label all boxes clearly with the contents and the room in which they belong.

Let your employer know your new address.


2 weeks to go

  • Arrange for the Post Office to re-direct your mail.
  • Complete your change of address notifications, not forgetting:
    • Banks, building societies, insurance companies, premium bonds and other savings certificates, credit card companies and store accounts. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and motoring organisations.
    • Inland Revenue
    • Local Authorities (Council Tax)
    • Social Security office (child benefits etc.)
    • Clubs and other memberships, magazine and other subscriptions.
    • Milkman, newsagent and any other direct delivery services

Friends and relations


1 week to go

  • Confirm your moving arrangements with the van hire or removal firm.
  • Clearly label any items you’re leaving behind and remove any fixed objects not included in your sale.
  • Collect and label all keys for your existing property.
  • Make up a toolkit with screwdriver, pliers, knife, hammer, hooks, fuses etc., and keep it handy for your move.
  • Make sure your loft, garden shed and other storage places have been cleared out and all items not needed for use have been packed and labeled.

Set aside between one and two hours for demonstration.


1 day to go

  • Defrost your fridge. Empty and defrost the freezer, alternatively switch to maximum if you are taking the contents with you.
  • Complete packing except for clothing and overnight toiletries, etc., and any food and drink you might need on the day you move.
  • Have some cash available to deal with any unexpected expenses.
  • Clean down all paintwork and work surfaces including sanitaryware.
  • Vacuum the carpets.

Advise your Solicitor of the time of your move, so that he or she can make sure all completion money is with the builder prior to your arrival on site to collect the keys on the day

Moving Home checklist

On the day

It is your solicitors responsibility to handle the financial transactions – collecting and processing monies through the banking system. This may take some time, but as soon as your monies have been received at our Solicitor’s, we are advised and the keys are released to you immediately and you will be allowed access.

Our Sales Executive will inform you when completion has taken place and will arrange to meet you at your new home together with the Site Manager.

During this meeting the keys will be handed over to you and you will be asked to sign a Handover Form, a copy of which is then forwarded to our Customer Care Department.   Our Customer Care department will be available to you at any time during your first two years in your property for further details please see our Continued Service.

48 hours following the Handover Meeting, our Sales Executive will make a courtesy call to you in your new home to ensure all is well and to document and report back any urgent issues to the Site Manager.

The Site Manager will make a further courtesy call after seven days to ensure you are at ease in your new home.